Patient Comfort

Assessing Patient Comfort in Spanish

What this Section Covers:

You will be able to assess your patient's comfort levels in Spanish.

Why Learn Spanish?

Like this video demonstrates, there will be unexpected moments where you will be called to meet a patient half way through a language barrier. Use this site to learn useful spanish phrases in minutes, not weeks or years as with traditionally classes.


  1. Are you having difficulty breathing?
  2. Did you sleep okay?
  3. Are you cold?
  4. Are you hot?
  5. Do you need another blanket?
  6. Do you need a bedpan?
  7. Would you like another pillow?
  8. I'm going to put the bedpan here.
  9. Are you in pain?
  10. Where does it hurt?
  11. Touch the spot where it hurts.
  12. Is the pain sharp?
  13. Is the pain dull?
  14. Is the pain throbbing?
  15. Is the pain constant?
  16. Is the pain crushing?


  1. ¿Tiene dificultad para respirar?
  2. ¿Ha dormido bien?
  3. ¿Tiene frio?
  4. ¿Tiene calor?
  5. ¿Necesita otra cobija?
  6. ¿Necesita otro bacín de cama?
  7. ¿Quiere otra almohada?
  8. Voy a poner el bacín aquí.
  9. ¿Está adolorido?
  10. ¿Dónde le duele?
  11. Toque el punto donde le duele.
  12. ¿Es agudo el dolor?
  13. ¿Es leve el dolor?
  14. ¿Es punzante el dolor?
  15. ¿Es constante el dolor?
  16. ¿Es un dolor aplastante?

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