Patient Orientation

Assisting Patients with Movements in Spanish

What this Section Covers:

You will be able to help patients with basic movements during their hospital stay.


  1. This is your room.
  2. This is your bed.
  3. This button will raise and lower the bed.
  4. Push this button if you need a nurse.
  5. The telephone is here.
  6. Here's the control for the television.
  7. I'll show you the bathroom.


  1. Este es su cuarto.
  2. Esta es su cama.
  3. Este botón es para subir y bajar la cama.
  4. Presione este botón si necesita una enfermera.
  5. El teléfono está aquí.
  6. Aquí está el control para la televisión.
  7. Le mostraré el baño.

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