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About us:

We believe that language barriers shouldn’t prevent the delivery of quality care to patients. That’s why we are on a mission to compile and translate useful healthcare Spanish phrases. Click on the topic you want to study. You can find the topics in the link titled Section navigation bar on every page. Then, focus on the phrases you need. Read the translations and click the button to hear the pronunciation. There is no cost, and no need to sign up to use this site. Our priority is to help healthcare workers overcome language barriers with Spanish speaking patients. Start learning today!

Our sections

doctors and pediatric patient

You will be able to help patients with basic movements during their hospital stay.

Patient orientation

dentist and patient

You will be able to assess your patient's comfort levels in Spanish.

Patient comfort

doctors and elderly male patient

You will be able to communicate procedures and discuss medication.

Communicating procedures

doctors and elderly female patient

You learn how to introduce yourself and others, and ask if the patient understands.

Making connections

discharge orders on clipboard

You learn how to communicate basic discharge information in Spanish.

Patient discharge

nurse and infant

This section contains phrases related to maternity and newborn care.

Maternity and newborns