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The goal of this newsletter is to provide you with enough information to be useful, but not more than can be learned within the busy schedule of a health care worker. You’ll find anatomy charts, additional vocabulary, occasional feedback from subscribers, and more! Feel free to read them now and save them for later use such as with a patient or as a study guide for coursework. 




  • Bradycardia or Bradyarrhythmia
    • Bradicardia o Bradiarritmia
  • Heart beat between 40 and 60 BPM is called mild bradyarrhythmia
    • Latido cardíaco entre el 40 y 60 de BPM se llama bradiarritmia leve
  • Heart beat between 20 and 40 BPM is called moderate bradyarrhythmia
    • Latido cardíaco entre 20 y 40 BPM se llama bradiarritmia moderada
  • Heart beat between 20 and 40 BPM is called severe bradyarrhythmia
    • Latido cardíaco entre 20 y 40 BPM se llama bradiarritmia severa
  • Atrial Bradycardia
    • Bradicardia auricular
  • Beats per Minute
    • Latidos por minuto (LPM)
  • Sinus Respiratory Bradycardia
    • Bradicardia sinusal respiratoria
  • Ventricular Arrhythmia
    • Arritmia ventricular
  • Sinus Rhythm
    • Ritmo sinusal
  • Sick Sinus Syndrome
    • Síndrome del nodo  enfermo
  • Atrioventricular Nodal Bradycardia
    • Ritmo del nodo atrioventricular
  • Sinus Bradycardia
    • Bradicardia sinusal
  • Sinus Arrest
    • Paro sinusal
  • Sinus Exit Block
    • Bloqueo de salida sinoauricular
  • AV Block
    • Bloqueo auriculo-ventricular (AV)
  • Ventricular Bradycardia
    • Bradicardia ventricular

comparison of normal heart to heart with a heart block



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