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  • Terms and chart related to lupus
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The goal of this newsletter is to provide you with enough information to be useful, but not more than can be learned within the busy schedule of a health care worker. You’ll find anatomy charts, additional vocabulary, occasional feedback from subscribers, and more! Feel free to read them now and save them for later use such as with a patient or as a study guide for coursework.
Symptoms by localization

Síntomas según localización

Central nervous system: psychosis , headache , neuropathies , cognitive dysfunction , depression, fever
Sistema nervioso central: psicosis, dolor de cabeza, neuropatías, disfunción cognitiva, depresión, fiebre
Heart and lungs: pericarditis , myocarditis , endocarditis, pleuritis , pneumonitis
Corazón y pulmones: pericarditis, miocarditis, endocarditis, pleuritis, neumonitis
Kidneys: edema, hypertension , proteinuria , cylinders of blood cells, renal failure
Riñones: edema, hipertensión, proteinuria, cilindros de células sanguíneas, fallo renal
Reproductive system: complications during pregnancy , irregularities in menstrual cycle, abortions
Sistema reproductivo: complicaciones durante el embrazo, irregularidades en el ciclo menstrual,
Blood: anemia , thrombocytopenia , leukopenia , thrombosis
Sangre: anemia, trombocitopenia, leucopenia, trombosis
Eyes and mucus membrana: ulcers on the eyes, mouth, nose or vagina. Sjogren's syndrome
Ojos y membranas mucosas: úlceras en los ojos, boca nariz o vagina. Síndrome de Sjogren
Stomach and intestines: nausea, vomiting , diarrhea, changes in body weight
Estómago e intestinos: náuseas, vómitos, diarrea, cambios en el peso corporal
Skeletal muscles: extreme fatigue , arthralgia , myalgia , arthritis , myositis
Músculo esquelético: fatiga extrema, artralgia, mialgia, artritis, miositis
Skin: skin lesions , rashes , photosensitivity , vasculitis , alopecia , Raynaud's phenomenon
Piel: lesiones cutáneas, sarpullidos, fotosensibilidad, vasculitis, alopecia, fenómeno de Raynaud


symptoms of lupus and body parts affected




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